Delta 74 Private Investigations

Website redesign - Case Study

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Daniel Burke

About the Client

Delta 74 are a professional Private Investigations agency based in Castle Donington, Derbyshire. They provide a wide range or investigatory services to businesses and individuals throughout the East Midlands.

Evolution Media has been working with Delta 74 Private Investigations since January 2020, providing Search Engine Optimisation services, helping to increase traffic to their websites.

Following the increase in traffic to their website, Daniel Burke approached us to redesign their company website with the aim of improving the look and functionality as well as adding to the content in the form of additional web pages. One of the focuses for this project was to improve the mobile version of the website, ensuring it is easy to use from a smart phone and on tablet devices.

We were also asked to create a new logo as part of our website redesign project.

Website Redesign for Delta 74 PI
Screenshot of the new site home page.
Old Logo Top, New Logo Bottom.

Redesigned Logo

We were asked to develop a range of new logo options, we were to produce a more modern look for their branding to help improve the professional image of their business.

This new logo is to be used on their website, their social media profiles and also for any future “print” based marketing materials. 

We provided a range of logos in numerous different file formats and different resolutions.

The icon we developed was based around the “delta symbol” as a play on the company name.


Evolution Media were asked to develop a new website based on the WordPress CMS.

The previous Delta 74 Private Investigations website was built by another Derbyshire based web agency, originally built using WordPress we were asked to continue to use this platform.

Evolution Media are a WordPress specialist, we use this platform for every website we build combined with the rapid development capabilities of the Elementor Page Builder.

Our Process

When we were asked to redesign the website for Delta 74 Private investigations we followed a very rigid 8 step process.

1) Discovery & COllecting Information

The first stage of a website redesign is the discovery phase, a phone conversation was held with Delta 74 Private Investigations to determine their requirements for the redesign.

We then collated their images and written content which were already in place on their old website. This content would be reused and expanded upon within the new design.

At this stage we also sourced additional imagery to help build the new site.

2) Setting Up A Development Site

In order for us to build their new website we needed to set up a “development” space in which we can begin building the new look website. We provided access to this area to the client so they could see how the progress of the new site is going.

A fresh installation of WordPress was installed within this environment, complete with all the relevant plugins required.

3) Regular Feedback & Conversations

As we were building the website we continued to discuss the project with the team at Delta 74. Providing them with regular updates and information on the progress of the project, this is extremely useful as the client would provide feedback on how they felt the new site was progressing.

4) Replicating the pages and site structure

As this was a redesign of their existing website it was important that we recreated every page on their previous website. The site structure was to remain the same, importantly their page URL’s were to remain the same due to the previous SEO work we have been undertaking. This will help to ensure that once the new website is launched the search engine rankings will remain.

5) Designing each page based on a new theme

We worked through each page on the website individually ensuring all the required written content and imagery was being included.

6) Finalising the design with the client

Once we had worked through the individual pages, we asked the team at Delta 74 to proof read and look through the new website, making sure they were happy with how it looks and its functionality.

7) Prelaunch & Testing

Our prelaunch phase consisted of performing a series of browser tests to ensure the new website works across all major web browsers and mobile devices.

 All contact forms were tested to make sure any future enquiries will go through to our client’s emails.

8) Launch

Before we launched the new website we took a back up of their old website. Once we were happy that we had a working back up copy of their previous website we removed it from the live server and replaced it with the new look website.

Once it went live, we once again performed a series of tests to ensure everything was working correctly, content forms were tested and all pages tested on a range of browsers and devices.

OLD Vs New Comparison

Below is a comparison of the website homepage.

Delta before Delta 74 After

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