3 things every digital marketer should know about eCommerce web design

What are 3 things every digital marketer should know about eCommerce web design?

Firstly, you need to understand design thinking and planning

In digital marketing, the term “Design Thinking” describes a method of approaching issues from a user-centred perspective. The strategy simply urges us to approach solving complicated large-scale challenges from a user perspective. The five main stages of this approach are empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing.

It works because it prioritises the satisfaction of the customer, which is the most important factor in the success of digital marketing. One of the most exciting aspects of this technology is its potential for non-linear application. In other circumstances, you may move on to the testing step before coming back to the intermediate phase to, say, evaluate the results.

Using a method like this is likely common practice among designers and developers. This is why it’s important to at least have a solid understanding of it and employ it when necessary to boost your social media marketing credibility as a digital marketing strategy. For example, you can use design thinking in creating the banners and videos used when running Facebook ads as part of your social media marketing campaign.


3 Things every good digital marketer should know

1. Make use of personalisation

Personalization in digital marketing means finding ways to meet the needs of different people with the marketing materials you already have. It means customising your outputs to meet the specific needs of your ecommerce platform customers.

It may take the shape of putting a prospect’s name in the subject field of an email, suggesting products or content depending on how a visitor behaves, or even displaying smart data on a website when a user visits for the second time or has advanced in the buyer’s journey.

Personalization can help consumers move through the buying process more quickly by putting the information they need in front of them rather than making them search for it, which makes it simpler for them to complete the intended action, which is to make a purchase.

2. Create a loyalty program

Who doesn’t want repeat business from a loyal consumer who will be a customer for a long time? Develop an eCommerce website with a loyalty program because it incentivizes customers to keep doing business with you through pertinent offers and discounts. Building a client loyalty program requires some thought and effort, but it pays off in recurring business, user-generated content (UGC), referrals, and retention. An eCommerce company should consider a few factors when developing a loyalty program. One suggestion is to broaden the selection of ways customers can express their loyalty, such as through referrals, social media marketing, or content sharing. Consider how you will reward their loyalty with points, coupons, or other special benefits.

3. Adopt a responsive web design when developing your eCommerce website

No matter what part of your ecommerce plan you’re working on, a responsive design should be a part of it. Any device can easily access and effortlessly navigate your ecommerce digital marketing strategies (e.g., smartphone, laptop, iPad, or tablet).

In a world where people are always on the go and can access websites and eCommerce marketing materials from a variety of devices in a variety of locations, this is a great tool to use when creating an ecommerce website because it ensures that your content is easily readable and navigable by all users.

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Setting a Higher Standard For eCommerce

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