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Here at Evolution Media, we specialise in building responsive and adaptive websites that put mobile users first. Our mobile-first web designs ensure that no matter what device your site visitors are using, they’ll get a great experience on your site.


The vast majority of online consumers are now using smartphones to search online for the products and services they want. Our mobile first web design services will ensure your website is designed and built to respond to the screen size and device the visitor is using, ensuring mobile users can easily access all the information on your website, at the touch of a screen. Find out more about our mobile-first web services…

User Experience

The experience of your users must always come first, so we start by designing an intuitive and easy to use website that concisely and conveniently delivers the content your site visitors are looking for.

Hierarchy of Content

With limited space for content, we’ll place all your content elements into a hierarchy that reflects your users’ needs. That way we can create a visually impactful, content-rich site that provides a great user experience.

Simple Design

Simple and minimal web design is not only attractive, but is also highly effective for mobile users as it provides clarity of content and helps the user focus their attention on the key points, without being distracted by superfluous design features.

Striking CTAs

We’ll create consistent, striking and visually impactful Call to Action buttons that are easy to press on mobile devices. Using clean lines, strong typography and bold colours, our CTAs make it easy for users to navigate your site and get in touch.

Loading Speed

You will lose site visitors if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. This is most important for mobile users who are usually on to the go when trying to access your site, so we’ll focus on creating a site that loads quickly and reliably.

Locally Optimised

Most local searches, looking for a product or service in a local area, are carried out on a mobile device. That’s why we use local SEO practices, to optimise your website ensuring local customers can find your website easily.

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What is Mobile Website Design

The concept of mobile first web design is about designing  your website for mobile devices and the smallest screen size first, and then scaling it up to suit the bigger screen sizes. Often called responsive design, as it means having just one website that responds to the users’ screen size, rather than separate websites for mobile and desktop users.

By starting to design for the smallest screen first, you will automatically include only the most essential design points, content and features. This ensures that the user experience for mobile users is put first, ensuring they can access all the vital information without missing out on anything. That way, anything added into the site to appear on larger screens are ‘luxury’ additions, often called ‘progressive enhancements’.

Mobile-first designs also champion ‘content-first.’ As designing for the smallest screen places more limitations on the design, it means that you and your web designers have to prioritise your content efficiently.

As a result, your content should be written and created, in order of priority, and the rest of the site can be designed around this content to ensure you’re providing the most useful information to your customers, no matter what device they are on.