E-Commerce SEO

Search engines are the starting point for almost all online product sales. We can ensure your online shop displays in the relevant search result listings so you can maximise your website traffic and sales.


The amount of people shopping online, rather than visiting a physical store, has increased rapidly in recent times. So whether you’re a small business adapting to the new world of ecommerce, or you’ve been selling online for a while and need an experienced SEO team to improve your web store’s visibility, the team at Evolution Media are on hand to help you succeed online.

We will work with you to understand your business and your products, and identify opportunities for organic growth as part of your integrated SEO strategy. Our ecommerce SEO services include:

ECommerce SEO Audits

We can carry out a full ecommerce SEO audit of your website and online store to identify any potential issues and highlight opportunities to improve your online presence. Our recommendations will be based around your business aims, and tailored to help you succeed online.

ECommerce SEO Strategy

Our SEO specialists will work with you to understand your business and aims, as well as the marketplace, your competitors and customers, to plan and implement an ecommerce strategy that will maximise opportunities, increase your website traffic and encourage engagement and sales.

ECommerce Content

A well-planned ecommerce content strategy will not only take into consideration buyers’ habits, seasonal variations and new products and trends, but it will also integrate with your wider SEO strategy to increase your rankings and open up new avenues for customers to find and buy your products.

Product Descriptions

It’s essential that each product on your website is optimised to maximise engagement and sales. Including as much unique information, alongside the basic product information, such as price, dimensions and colours, will help to ensure both shoppers and search engines can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Customer Reviews

In the age of online shopping, online customer reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations. Developing a platform that allows your customers to leave reviews of your products and services, and engaging with customers who leave reviews, will enhance your user-experience and lead to more sales.

Mobile Ecommerce Websites

We’ll ensure your ecommerce website is user-friendly for both desktop and mobile visitors. A responsive website will ensure that no matter what device the shopper is using, they’ll be able to navigate your website, find the product they want and buy it easily.


Ecommerce SEO is the strategy behind increasing the visibility of your online shop so it displays in the results listings of search engines. Simply put, ecommerce SEO will ensure that when people search for the products that your online store sells, you’ll rank highly to ensure you get more traffic and, ultimately, more sales.

There are other ecommerce marketing methods, such as Pay Per Click adverts or social media advertising, but SEO is much more cost effective, creates a longer lasting web presence and allows you more variation with your budget. Not only that, but many online shoppers have become wise to paid marketing and will ignore sponsored adverts (often called ad blindness), reducing the effectiveness of your paid campaign.

Ecommerce SEO is a process that involves building a user-friendly and search engine friendly website so your products display to searchers in an organic and non-intrusive way. It includes optimising everything from your product descriptions, meta data and internal link structure to the layout, checkout and navigation. Every product on your website should have it’s own page, designed and optimised to attract the right traffic and engage your customers.


Mobile-first Experience

Over 50% of all online searches are carried out on a mobile device, and this includes those shopping and purchasing products online. As a result, search engine algorithms will often prioritise mobile-friendly ecommerce shops in their listings to ensure they are providing the most relevant and user-friendly content for their users.

Small Business Ecommerce

As a small business owner with an ecommerce website, you will be competing against giants such as Amazon when you market your products online. Ecommerce SEO can provide a strategy to help you compete in the most effective way, capitalising on local searches and your unique selling points.


When consumers shop online, they expect to find what they’re looking for quickly and be able to buy it with just a few clicks. We’ll ensure your ecommerce website performs well across all platforms and devices, with fast site speeds, persuasive content, easy to use navigation and a simple checkout process, all designed to improve user-experience, engagement and sales.

Competitive Advantage

In recent times, there has been a huge increase of small businesses taking the leap to becoming an online merchant. Stay one step ahead of your competition, and get your ecommerce website optimised professionally to increase its visibility, reach and performance. Contact us today to find out how we can help.