Mobile SEO

A huge portion of online searches are carried out on mobile devices, here at Evolution Media we can work with your website to ensure it’s mobile SEO is correct to help drive traffic via mobile searches, improving leads and sales.


The team at Evolution Media have been designing and building SEO friendly websites for over 20 years, and use this wealth of experience to create responsive websites that adapt to whichever platform or device is being used to browse you website.

We draw on a range of both traditional SEO methods and new technology and innovative ideas to deliver mobile SEO solutions that will improve accessibility, user experience and, ultimately, your website’s performance.

Online searches for small and local businesses are often carried out on mobile devices, so you need to make sure everything from your site’s content and imagery to its structure and layout, will adapt to ensure it works well on a screen of any size. Our mobile SEO services include:

Mobile SEO Audits

Our mobile SEO Audits will provide an overview of the content, structure, layout and technical aspects of your website. We’ll highlight any opportunities to improve the user experience for mobile visitors and ensure an integrated approach that works well with your ongoing SEO strategy.

Technical Mobile SEO

Our technical mobile SEO services will design your website with mobile visitors in mind, ensuring it functions well across all platforms and devices. We use a variety of technical SEO methods making it adaptable and accessible to enhance your site’s visibility and user engagement.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows your website to adapt it’s structure, and alter the information shown by using a range of tools such as flexible grid layouts, adaptive images, and CSS media queries, to ensure optimal user experience, no matter the device or screen resolution.

Mobile SEO for Small Business

More than half of all online searches are carried out of mobile devices, and this figure increases when looking at local searches for small businesses. We offer affordable and effective mobile SEO services to ensure you can target local customers effectively.

Mobile Content

Many mobile searches are carried out on the-go and in a hurry, so there is an increase in voice searches and local searches, such as ‘find an emergency plumber near me!’. We’ll optimise your website content for mobile users using specific keywords relating to mobile search queries.

Loading Speeds

Mobile internet users are looking for answers to their queries quickly. So, if your website takes too long to load, they’ll simply click the next result on the list instead. We will assess mobile loading times and recommend solutions to increase its speed and engagement.


Mobile SEO is about adapting your website and digital marketing to offer an enhanced mobile browsing experience to your visitors using a smartphone or tablet. The key aspects of mobile SEO involve ensuring your website loads quickly, displays tailored content that suits the search query and is easy to view and navigate on a smaller screen size.

Whilst optimising a website for desktop browsing and mobile browsing can involve very different considerations, both are still essential to ensure you maximise your site traffic from any device. That’s why responsive web design is often the best choice. It means building one site that adapts to suit the screen it is being viewed on. However, having a successful website on desktop search results doesn’t necessarily mean you will be successful in the mobile search result listings.

The results you are shown for a query, will vary depending on your location, so the biggest difference in focus between desktop and mobile SEO is the target customers. Desktop SEO is more likely to focus on the public in general, possibly even national searches. However, Mobile SEO should focus more on local search results listings.


Mobile-first Experience

More than half of all searches online are made using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. As a result, search engines often prioritise search results that offer an enhanced mobile-first experience, as part of their efforts to provide the most relevant content to the searcher.

Local, Mobile Searches

When looking at mobile search queries, many of them include localised keywords or phrases, such as ‘near me’ or ‘close by’, making mobile SEO essential for small businesses targeting local customers.


Similarly to if your website takes too long to load, if your website is too difficult to navigate on a mobile device, the visitor will simply leave and click on the next result in the list. Remember, mobile uses are looking at a smaller screen, and often using their finger instead of a cursor to navigate, so everything from your navigation, to buttons and forms should be easy to find, see and use.

Competitive Advantage

Many small businesses don’t have websites, never mind mobile search engine optimised websites. Stay one step ahead of your competition and build your local reputation, by integrating mobile SEO strategy into your marketing efforts.