SEO content

Your website needs well-written, informative and fully optimised content to attract and persuade both potential customers and search engines. Our SEO content services can audit your website, provide site and blog content and ongoing content calendars that will keep your website updated and effective.


We can provide all the content for your website and digital marketing, ensuring it is fully optimised to perform well and help you achieve your goals. We can audit existing content, to quickly highlight any SEO issues or opportunities and plan an ongoing content strategy that will work with your SEO marketing to improve your rankings and search visibility.

We can also plan and implement informative content that will build your brand and authority in your industry and help you become well known for the services you offer in your area. Our SEO content services include:

Duplicate Content

If your written content appears in more than one place on your website, or is duplicated content from elsewhere on the internet, your website may be penalised and you will find it difficult to rank well. We can assess and re-write the content to ensure it is unique to you.

Content Audits

Our SEO copywriters can review your entire site and marketing materials and highlight areas where your content can be improved. We’ll identify opportunities to expand your content and make it more effective, increasing your reach online.

SEO Blogging

We can provide regular SEO-friendly content for your blog and website that appeals to search engines and provides useful information to your potential customers. As a result, our SEO content can build your brand and reputation, and improve your rankings for certain key terms.

SEO Website Content

Let our expert copywriters design the content for your website. We can work with you to ensure all the key information about your business and services or products are covered, and integrate it with your SEO strategy to help build your web presence and improve your rankings.

Keyword Research

We undertake thorough keyword research to ensure we can optimise your content with the right keywords and phrases. When done properly, this will allow search engines to find and understand your website, whilst still informing and persuading your potential customers.

Local Content

As part of our small business SEO services, we can provide localised content to target potential customers in your area. As part of a wider SEO content strategy, we can create regular blog posts and optimise your website content with local keywords to ensure you succeed online.


SEO is the optimisation of a website to make sure it is easy for your potential customers to find when using online search engines. Content is the written information on your website, or any other digital platform. So SEO Content is any digital information that has been written with the aim of attracting customers via a search engine.

Whilst the biggest factor in creating SEO friendly content is keyword research and keyword optimisation, there is much more to it. It’s not enough just to repeat a set of keywords and hope your customers find you, and buy from you. Your content also has to be informative, interesting, appealing and persuasive.

The team at Evolution Media have years of experience writing content for a huge rage of industries, and can interpret complex information and structure it in a way that is unique, informative and SEO friendly. Our SEO content services include:


SEO content combines the technical world of SEO, with the creative art of copywriting to persuade an audience.

Search engines aim to provide the best content for their users, and as a result they’re constantly improving their algorithms in order to evaluate website content so they can show the most relevant results to search queries. This means it’s best to write in a natural, but structured way whilst considering the correct placement and density of keywords and related search terms.

Writing for search engines is very similar to writing for any other platform, so you may be happy to do it yourself. However there is much more to consider to ensure it is effective.

So whether you want advice and information to write the best content yourself, or you want to trust our experienced copywriters to take the lead, we will ensure your online content is effective across all platforms.

The team at Evolution Media can advise you on the best way to write your content, and provide a proofreading and optimisation service, or we can take the reins and write all your content for you. Just give us a call today to discuss your project.