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PPC Audits and Consultancy

The specialist PPC consultants at Evolution Media can undertake an audit of your current PPC campaigns and Google Ads account. If you’ve been managing your PPC campaigns yourself, or you need some advice to make sure you’re getting the best return on your PPC investment, we’re on hand to help. 


Our PPC consultancy services can be tailored to suit the needs of any business, industry or objective. We specialise in helping small businesses establish themselves online, and use PPC marketing to target your potential customers at the right stage in the buying process. Our PPC audits can identify where you can generate more leads and make effective recommendations to improve your campaigns. 

Display Advertising

We can design and market banner ads across Google’s network of sites, partner websites and social media platforms widening your reach online.


We’ll help you stay connected to your past site visitors with expert remarketing services that target viable potential customers and return customers.

Paid Social

We can set up, or manage existing paid social marketing campaigns that target specific groups of users based on their demographics, location or topics of interest.

Ecommerce PPC

Our ecommerce PPC services are designed to promote your online shop and products. We can help you compete with larger companies to generate sales.

Google Ads

Our Google Ads campaigns maximise your exposure through Google's own advertising system, using our expertise to effectively bid on the most relevant search terms.

PPC Audits

We’ll thoroughly review the set up and success of your current PPC campaigns to highlight areas for improvement and identify ways of generating more leads.

PPC Landing Pages

We design and implement effective PPC landing pages linked to specific search terms, enhancing your site visitors experience and engagement with your business.

PPC Management

We can provide ongoing PPC management with detailed reports to ensure an effective strategy that supports your business aims and budget.

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Digital Marketing Derby


The short answer is yes, you do need a PPC audit. Even with the best performing Google Ads account, there’s always room for improvement and a fresh set of specialist eyes can help to ensure those improvements have a beneficial effect on your PPC spend and return on investment. 

A PPC audit by a member of our team is conducted manually, not using automated tools or shortcuts to provide a real insight into exactly how and where your PPC campaigns and Google Ads could be improved. 

We’ll identify all the best opportunities for you business to maximise the number leads your PPC advertising is generating, and recommend any fixes that could lower your cost per click, increase your conversions and target the right potential buyers to make sure you’re getting the most suitable leads.  

By analysing not just your campaigns in Google Ads, but also your website and business objectives, your competition, industry and location, we can provide a really thorough audit to recommend actions that will have a significant impact on your spend and performance.

Digital Marketing Derby


Conversion Tracking

We’ll check your conversions are being effectively tracked to give you a better insight into the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, by ensuring the correct conversion tracking codes are added to your landing pages and confirmation pages. 

Review Targeting Settings

Setting your campaign targeting settings is straightforward, but if done incorrectly it can have a detrimental impact on your campaign’s performance. This includes, network settings, mobile bid adjustments where necessary and a review of target locations and geo-reports. 

Assess Ad Group Relevancy

We’ll review your keywords and ad groups and recommend ways to refine your ad groups to allow more specific and engaging ad copy that is truly reflective of the user’s search term. 

Review Ad Words per Ad Group

Checking the number of ad words per ad group to ensure not too many or too few, will allow us to recommend effective ad variations so the campaign can run more effective tests. We can also recommend pausing less successful ads, and testing new variations.

Opportunity for Ad Extensions

Ensuring effective ad extensions are running can help to create engaging and unique ad copy, including callout extensions, structured snippets and sitelinks. Ad Extensions also positively affect ad rank, so can have a beneficial effect on your overall Google Ads account. 

Assess Keyword Match Settings

A review of your keyword sets to ensure you are targeting the right audience. We’ll ensure your broad match keywords are focussing on researchers, and recommend exact match keywords that directly target potential buyers. 

Assess Negative Keyword Lists

We’ll review your negative keywords to ensure you’re not wasting budget on searchers that aren’t actually looking for your services or products. 

Actionable Recommendations

Every client and Google Ads account is different, so our PPC audits will be tailored to suit your requirements, but all with the aim of improving your PPC performance to benefit your business. Once the audit is complete, we’ll provide you with a set of recommendations and a transparent proposal so you can fully understand what we’re recommending and why. 

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